Prayr for my Dad who has cancer

by Meek (Ohio)

My dad, David, was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago, a very aggressive, fast spreading type. Thy didnt give him very long even with treatment, and recently he’s been experiencing severe pain and fatigue, and the doctors can’t figure out why. He’s been to the ER several times and has gotten zero answers. His oncologist is two hours away from where we live, and so far he’s been unable to make the trip because sitting for that long causes him too much pain…

But if he doesn’t get down to the oncologist soon, well, I’m afraid of what will happen. He’s weak, dehydrated, not,eating or drinking. I’ve been praying for him often but I could certainly use some help. Please pray for his pain to recede enough to th doctors, and for his fatigue to ease up on him, as it is crippling him and is chipping away at his will to live.

I want to go visit him, but he says he’s too tired and feeling bad, but I can’t take the thought of him passing and not getting to spend time together before that happens. Please pray for less pain and fatigue, and let him get to the oncologist, pray for a return in his will to live, and a return in his desire to spend time with his family. Pray for strength, mentally and physically. Please pray for endurance. Pease help him deal with this illness with grace. I ask that you help him feel like himself again, even if its just a little bit. Help him to take in nourishment, help him get pain relief, and let him get some reprieve mentally. His heart is so heavy, he’s so beaten down by pain and fatigue, and it’s breaking my heart to watch this. Thank you fair taking Time to read, and thank you for praying for him.