Prayr for Insight and Wisdom

by Jimika (Atlanta)


You say in Your Word that You give Wisdom to all those who seek it. Those that Love the Lord, you answer. Well, I love you. I love you deeply and my desire is to follow Your Word. Life tells me to deny you and do as the world says do. There are many who reject me because of You. Nevertheless, it is You who I seek to please.

Show me how to do what is asked of me by man and still be loved by You. Foy You said nothng can seperate us. If my sin is harming others help me to see and behave in a way pleasing to you. Let me turn from my own righteousness and lean heavily on the blood and knowledge of my Lord Jesus for I know His yoke is easy and His Burden is light. Help me to navigate through life’s jungles.

Please help your servant so that I may always make You proud. In Jesus Name I pray.