Praying Whilst In Despair

by Stormy Neal (Dallas, Texas)

::::: Child of God :::::

Dear. God,

I am imperfect. I am disobedient. I am stubborn. I am lonely. I am lost. I am your child. I seek you. Please help me? Show me how to pray. Teach me how to listen, speak, walk, see … Teach me how to be. Lead me down your path. Strengthen me. Remove me from this darkness. Guide me by your light. Free me from all bondage that holds me captive. Protect me from all harm. Keep me & my children safe. Wrap me up in guardian angels wings. Just like a newborn baby … hold & keep me in your arms. Forgive me for my wrongs. Inspire me to do right. Make me move when I am to move & to be still when stillness is required for the next phase of my life. Fill me with your spirit. Lift me up from this hole I’ve fallen into. Mend my broken heart. Recover my minds loss. Heal me with your miracles. Restore what’s been depleted. Convince me that I am needed. Surround me in positivity. Shield me from evil & deflect negativity. Continue to inspire me. Allow me to accomplish everything that I am suppose to do. Let my wishes, hopes, dreams, aspirations, goals & purpose be achieved before you call me home to you. God … I Love You! Amen

Written by: Stormy Neal
Sunday November 30th, 2014

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