Praying to pass an examination for nursing school

by Julie (New York)

Holy Spirit I ask you to look over my dauther Christine as she takes her nursing exam on Tuesday. I bind any anxiety she may have and I ask you to guide her on the proper material to study. Please be there with her while she is taking this difficult examination and inspire her to choose the correct answers. She wants to serve others and take care of them when they are ill. I ask you to help her remember all the proper material she needs to prepare to take this test and to pass so that she can serve others. I also ask you to be with my son Michael on Saturday when he takes his SAT exam . Please help inspire him to make the correct choices and the best suitable answers that they are looking to to improve his past scores. Please inspire my them both do well and meet the requirements needed to succeed. Help Michael choose the right career path that is best suitable for him and to make the best decision on which college to attend. Please protect us all and keep us healthy and happy. I pray in Jesus name. Amen.

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