Praying To Live My Life


Jesus, Mary, and Joseph my holy family

I pray to you that I be able to breathe.
I pray to you that I be able to see feel and touch.
I pray to you that I can grow to walk and talk.
I pray that you make me strong and give me knowledge and courage.
I pray that you help me in my time of need and weakness.

Let me be part of my family that is longing to be with me. I pray to be with those that love me so dearly and have such faith that I will run, play, and be at their side till my destined life ends…

I pray that it not be yet dear holy family. Help me to fight…I want to live. I want to laugh and cry with my family…I was just born…I want to live…that’s all I need for now…my family. In Jesus name I pray together with all the angels and saints from heaven above, I pray…thank you Jesus for your love and kindess. Amen

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