Praying to jeus for Emergency financial help and release.

by Celeste (Tallulah Louisiana)

Where cometh my help?my help cometh from the lord.father i come to you asking for your help with the things that stands in my way of life and trouble that day is April 1st 2017 lord my gas got turn off yesterday i need 234.00 praying not another Deposit,my water back on till the 10th that’s 191.i promise to pay 100.00 by then the mayor sent them to turn it back on till then.i have another note 134.00 i ore people’s thats has helped me doing these times of hardships.75.00 to one 20.00 to one 450.00 + 75.00 to him my god please i pray and trust that on this day all is well done trusting and keeping the faith cause faith in God is all I have to live by with you lord im nothing and nobody help me lord in jesus name i pray.anyone that’s taking the time to read this my prayer pray for me.please pray for me.Amen lord