Praying to help banish the evil that has entered my marriage and that my husbands heart will open to the Lord

by Jennifer (Dallas, TX)

Today I pray and ask for prayers from others that our Lord’s plan for my husband and I can enter my husbands heart. I pray that the evil that has entered and destroyed our marriage, through the form of another woman, finds its way out of our union.

I pray that my husband can feel the power of forgiveness that i have granted him and the remorse I have for the mistakes I made in our marriage. I pray that my husband will realize that his 4 children dearly miss him being in their lives.

I pray that I continue to have the strength of forgiveness that you have shown me. I pray that through you, the conversations that my family is having with my husband will help change his heart. Finally, I pray that the love you have for my spouse can enter and warm his heart.