Praying to Have a Baby

by Isheka (Uk)

Father I pray in jesus name, that I will conceive a child soon, lord only u know how much I want to be a mother, only u lord can make that possible and I pray to u, I beg u to make it happen for me lord, I beg u to bless me heavenly father that I am pregnant and that I will become a mother for I know u know there is nothing I want more than a child I can call mine, that I can love and cherish. My relationship may not be great and I am ready for it to end, but lord u know how long I’ve been trying to fall pregnant with no luck, I’ve lost all hope which only u can restore so father I leave it in your willing hands. Please bless me with a healthy baby that I can raise and nurture, that I can give my eternal love forever and always. Lord I don’t know if I’m carry a child right now has I write this prayer, I can only hope n prayer that my time has finally come, you only know how much I’ve wanted this heavenly father I cannot face another negative pregnancy test, u know each time how much it crushes me, how deeply it wounds me. There’s nothing I want more. Please bless me father.

In jesus name I pray.

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