Praying to find employment for my partner

by JD (Canada)

I am here asking You Oh God to help my boyfriend find an employment this year. He’s a nurse and despite the difficulty of finding a nursing job in my home country, he still wants to pursue this career because he wants to help people and to make use of his education. He’s been searching for almost a year already which results into feeling hopeless and useless.

I am hoping that he would find a job in the country where i am living in now so that both of us could be together but whatever your will might be Oh Lord, i know that it’s for the best and I know that you’ve been the foundation of the love we have and I hope you’ll grant our petition of him to find a job and that hopefully in a year or two, he’ll have an opportunity to start working close to mine so we can see each other again and fulfill our dreams of being together. Through the intercession of St. Joseph, please hear our prayer. Amen