Praying to celebrate New Year’s eve with the one I’m in love with

by Jane (WA)

please pray for me and the man I love to spend the new year’s eve together. Please pray that he kisses me when midnight strikes 12 and welcome the new year with me with more positive outlook for the future. Please pray for us to have a blast and memorable new year’s eve together. Please pray that he spends new year’s eve with me.

I pray that we grow closer to each other, and spend more time with each other, just the two of us and/or with his or my friends or family.
Please pray for our love for each other to grow, for more time together and the laughter and happiness to be abundant in our relationship.

Please pray with me, for us, for him, for me and for God to guide us to a relationship filled with love, laughter, trust and togetherness.