Praying, the most important time of each day.

by Joshua Stein (P.A.)

I am fifteen years of age and I know that I still have a lot to learn. But no matter how much I don’t know it doesn’t matter because what I do know is that god has never let me down and is there for me when I need him most. That being said I pray to him a lot and more than once daily. The reason I pray so much is because I know that when I do god listens, and will help me when I need him,and that is the only thing that I know I can count on. God loves us all equal because no matter who we are always going to be his children. I pray sometimes before school and all of the time before bed. You nevers know whats waiting for you day to day in life but knowing that god is there to watch out for and protect you is all you need to know. Even though some hard times may make you wonder why you are having trouble just remember that god is there and it doesn’t matter how tough the situation with his help and guidance you will get through it. My name is joshua, and that is how and why I incorperate prayer into my life. May god be there for you always.

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