Praying that my new relationship will lead to marriage

by Priscilla (United States)

I have not been in a serious relationship in 2 years and before then I was in a relationship with my-exfiance who was married.

I recently ended that affair and started dating a wonderful man, who doesn’t know the Lord yet, but believes in a higher purpose. I am so greatful that he has come into my life and as I turn 30 this year, I am hoping that this new relationship will turn into marriage very soon because I do not want to give into temptation and fornicate but I am developing very strong feelings for him.

I am asking God to watch over us and lead us not into temptation as we move forward into a deeper understanding of each others needs and develop a closer relationship with God that will keep us together as we move forward to marriage.

I am just so scared to get hurt again and I don’t want to pressure him, but I am ready for a long-term love and companionship with this man and I know that under God’s watchful eye, there’s nothing he can not deliver and I am ready, in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.