Praying that my new job will not terminate me based on the results of my past in my background check

by PVANG (Saint Paul, MN)

Dear Lord, I come to you to seek your forgiveness and guidance. I know that have made some poor decisions in my past and that some of those decisions have made it difficult for me to find suitable employment. Forgive me for any words that I have allowed to slip through my mouth, for all and every wicked thought or act that I have ever committed or that has ever crossed my mind. Lord, I know that I am a sinner and that I have so much weight on my shoulders. I am lost, confused, and hopeless and I know that I cannot get through this life alone or without you.

I come to you today to ask you for your forgiveness, to ask you to please take over my life and cleanse my entire being, mind, body, and soul.

I am also praying and here to ask you to bless me and to spare me of my sins. I received a job offer that I accepted but now I am faced with a background check that could terminate my position upon the returned results. Lord, I have struggled and have walked through some of life’s most difficult and hopeless moments. I have so much piling debts and bills that I cannot sleep. I ask you to please help me – with your almighty strength and powers to help change any negative thoughts or decisions that the hiring manager may feel and to give me a second chance to prove my worth and self to you and others by granting me this position.

I believe in the ability of your powers. You have risen the dead, healed the sick and I believe you can change my situation. I ask you wholeheartedly as you know that this job can turn my life around for the better.

I ask for no money, no unrealistic miracles but to just give me one chance with blessing me with this job.

I thank you for your love and forgiveness, Father. I am thankful for everything that you have given to me -I love you and will continue to praise you and seek you.


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