Praying that I get a good job within the next month with WSIB OR TD INSURANCE

by Karen (Brampton, ON, Canada)

Dear God,

When I am weak you are strong and so I rely on your strength to carry me through. Lord you are holy and I just want to lift you up and magnify your holy name. Please answer my prayer for a job with WSIB and if that is taking a long time open up opportunity with TD Insurance for me within the next month.

I did phone interviews both for work places and now awaits your full interventions so that I can be meaningfully employed.

Please also work thing out my us getting a nice house to buy instead of paying high rent which is difficult to afford but because of circumstance and I am not working the banks are holding back. Also make my house sale come quickly back home so i can be less stress with the bills.

Bless and guide my whole family lord please sort us out. and as we prepare to go to my son graduation give up the joy and him the direction he need now in his life right now lord cover him under your blood Jesus.

Saints of God pray for me the more i type the more issues are coming
but God is able.


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