Praying that God is going to opening doors for us

(Gainesville, TX)

I been going to the emergency all i get a negative answer but now i been spotting and lm scare and nervous.It will be great to have a baby i hope someone that is a believer that can prayer that this time i take a test it will be positive i doing my best to keep the faith going cause my husband is hold to this healing of my womb one day it will true .ii been trying to conceived with his child 2013 .

I hate raising his hope up cause all he think is negative but i do in my Father God that he going to opening doors for us and send us a Angel from Heaven with his image and us with a holy spirit to come into my womb with Grace and healing every broken bones and diseases that dont belong there to bless a healthy unborn child.I will praise whatever he desired me to have Amen

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