Praying so that I can restore my reationship with my boyfriend

Dear God I need your help right now. I need help in trying to recover my reationship that I have had with my boyfriend of six years. I love him with all of my heart and we have a beautiful daughter. He is lost he needs to know your love. He has recently admitted to cheating and having a relationship with a girl. He said he is lost doesn’t know what he wants.

He said he loves us the same. I want you to please help me open his eyes and show him that his daughter and I love him and want him to come back to us. And show him what her is going to lose if he decides to leave. I need hard prayer I want to keep my famliy together because I love him and for the sake of our daughter.

God you have the power to help me I’m a firm believer and leave it in your hands.

In Jesus name I pray