Praying hard for a baby boy

My husband and I already have 2 daughters and a son. I now pregnant with our 4th child and have gone for an ultrasound. The doctor said she is almost sure it is another girl. We were hoping that our 4th baby is a boy so my son is not alone when he grows old.

He will have a confidant, a best friend and a brother to watch his back. I know everything happwns for a reason so if it is God’s Will, I pray the doctor has made a mistake & we have another son instead. If it is not God’s Will, a baby girl would be a blessing as well.

If we have another baby girl, we are thinking of gender selection to have another boy. We cannot actually afford more than 5kids but we want our baby boy to not be alone. If God does not want us to have another boy, we are hoping for the gender selection pregnancy to be unsuccessful. We will be hapoy with 4 kids.