Praying for work, improved health and peace

by TJ (USA)

Father God, first I want to say thank you so bad much for all of my blessings. In spite of losing my job, we still are okay. Thank you for the reserve that will tied me over until work is obtained. Father I do pray that You will order my steps so that I can find a job that leads to a promising career, where I will find longevity, peace, love, fun and be successfully challenged. I want to be able to not just meet expectations but to exceed them, so that I am a valuable asset to management. You already know how much it’ll cost me to afford this new rent, the car note, insurance and all of my other financial obligations, so I am praying for favor in my job search this week so I can find work soon that will Bless my life ahead. My mother needs to soon retire. So, I need to find d stable lucrative work soon. Father I also come in prayer for my sister and her kids. I pray that you’ll give her peace, protection, patience and grace. Speak through her and help her to understand her kids and your word. In your word, you said that there will be days like this. Her kids are struggling with their sexual identity.Lord you know your will for all of our lives,so help us all to walk in your will today. Lord, please rise up in my 15 year-old niece and my 22 year-old nephew. Give them the natural desires that a man should have towards a woman, and give my niece the natural desires she should have towards a man. Lord take away the sexual perversion that is engulfing our teens and young adults. Loose my niece nephew from the attacks of the enemy. Lord help them to find d their way in you so that someday, he will fall in love with a woman and have a healthy, loving g God ordained life and so will my niece, living in your will. Lord give us grace as we try to help navigate them through teen the teen years where kids are trying to figure out who they are. Unfortunately, the music, images in videos and the television shows make homosexuality look glamorous, leaving so many kids feeling left out of something that goes against their nature. Father bless the children,give them peace in you. Give them some Godly direction, grace and courage to walk in your will. Bless my family, neighbors, bereaved friends and my church family and pastor. In Jesus’s name I pray this prayer, amen.

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  1. Faith

    Good morning TJ

    My prayers are with you and your family

    This morning

    Please go to church each Sunday

    The Lord needs you also

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