Praying for true and lasting love

by BLC ()

Dear St. Jude,

I would like to ask for your intercession in healing my relationship with the love of my life and for us to be truly together once again in mind, heart and soul. Please give this true and lasting love another chance to prevail. Help us rise above our fears and face a future together in love and light and togetherness, so that we could serve our community well and be an example for others in showing that great love does exist between couples and if they work together to heal the relationship, the bond will never be severed. Thank you.

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  1. Only if it's God's will

    U can pray all u want if it’s not God’s will your wasting your time.

    As a young boy I prayed for a brother or sister because I was the only child … those prayers never came true.

    When I was 15 I prayed that the first female I fell for would be my everlasting … I was the last of my friends to lose my virginity and the first female I fell for ended up being a witch. I ended up getting possessed for almost twenty years before I got any help.

    Today I’m almost 57 yrs of age, never had a relationship with anyone except for that stinken witch. I’ve lived my entire life alone and hide myself from shame.

    I got and live the exact opposite of what I prayed for.

  2. Thank You Saint Jude

    Dear Saint Jude,
    Thank you for selling the vehicle that supplied me with money to get caught up on my rent and pay rent this month. Amen.

  3. Praying for Rekindled marriage

    I also pray to you St. Jude that you open my husbands heart and let love back in he is so stressed with life trials bills and feelings that myself and kids are hurting. We want our family back. Please help him to open his mind heart and soul and don’t be afraid of second chances. Everything can be fixed in our relationship please guide him to make the loving choice for his family who is not giving up on him. We love you worker of miracles and believe in our prayer to you. Heal his heart so we shall heal also. Love is the greatest gift please intercede in his heart and place it there. Love you I am forever grateful for this powerful prayer. Amen.

  4. second chance in my replationship

    my prayer to saint jude

    i pray i get another chance in my relationship. i pray my boyfriend gets back his feeling for and realise how much he loves me. i pray we could fix the current trial we are going through and show the people that bring us down that we are mean’t for each other. I pray that even though people say give up that even when i continue to fight for him that i am rewarded with his lvoe once more. i pray he opens his mind for a second chance and do give me it and i pray he doesnt realise it to late. i know God works in his own timing but i pray he hurrys and show me there are miracles and for me to forever me thankful. I pray so much that he loves me once more and gives us a second try as boyfriend and girlfriend where no one can ruin us and we can live in peace.

  5. praying for each other

    I am Praying for you, for your prayer to be answered, my prayer to saint Jude is as yours. to heal my relationship with my ex whom I love with all my heart so I to turned to saint Jude. I truely hope our prayers are answered. Please pray for me, thank you

  6. Dear Saint Jude

    Dear Saint Jude,

    I would also rejoice at the idea of being able to get married to a guy who would just truly love me.
    So I pray for a Godly, loving, strong, and affectionate man. I pray that I may be a very good wife to him. I also pray for all my single friends to meet great guys. I pray for the person who started this post and that he soon finds a lovely lady.

    Saint Jude, thank you for every answered prayer, past and present. St. Jude, intercede for us.

    Much, much love!!

  7. Its now or never

    Saint Jude you lnpw where my mind and heart is and what lenghts I am going to to find love that will last and a relationship that will last for the rest of my life. you know this is a bad time for me and the thoughts I am having and what I have planned and what I will have to do if I find no one and what I have sought all my life. please forgive me but I cant keep being alone day after day year after year, with the same promise of someone who will come and no one ever does or it turns out bad as it always does for me. my pain and suffering is great and so is my sadness, if God leaves me like this I will have to stop it myself, I cant go on like this. no more dissapointments, no more being hurt or rejected or abandoned used or abused looking for someone who cares for me. 3 decades have passed now and I am still alone, evry try becomes a failure or they dont want me, even with my prayer I get hurt and used, I am so angry and alone I am so hurt. I cant let this go on anymore being unwanted and unloved and no one who cares about me even though I care for and love them..I see everyone with a mate, but yet afer all these years I still have non, and the one I just met treats me wrongly and I belive she has rejected me and I will have waited for her return for nothing, and despite my kindness she will return me spite and will go to another man. you know how hard it is to find anyone and this is what always happens. but after 30 years of looking searching hoping and praying you have not answered my prayer. I will have to end this I cant spend any time alone anymore, please not another winter or any time alone, I cant stand it. st jude this is not a threat or an attempt to bargin, but i cant take being by myself any longer, and I cant just settle for anything, I know what I have searched for but it seems it is not there and neither is anyone for me to love who will love me and stay

  8. How true

    This is excatly the prayer I need at this time in my life and (relationship) I will pray this as a novena.

  9. Love and Marraige

    Dear St Jude I agree with this prayer. I pray this prayer for me and the others, so we might unite with the love of our lives and be shinning examples for others to follow. Thank you St. Jude. Amen!

  10. Thank you for hearing us Lord!

    I am praying this very same prayer. St Jude, please do intercede for the both of us and for all those needing the same help.

    we need miracles.


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