Praying for the right man for me

by K (Manila)

dearest st joseph,

for many years i have toiled in search of the right man. many times too i have failed. i know i cannot live alone without a partner in life, please help pray for that soon God would bless me with that right man He has chosen for me. I am praying for a man who is truthful, pure, loving, kind and would bring me closer to God. I know i might be asking for the impossible, but i know and believe there is nothing impossible for God. i firmly believe that there is that special man whom God has chosen for me to spend the rest of our lives with. i pray too that he would love my son as if his own as i would embrace his children if he has any. I am praying that with the right man, i would have my best friend, my husband and my partner for life til the end of time.

since 20 yrs back, i have had that good friend in a man named Joseph. he was basically all that i could ever want in a man but life had other plans. He was my friend, my protector and my confidant… and later my angel. a question before when i was spending time with him, why Joseph never became my boyfriend… it was because he was to be my angel. since joseph died, he kept on coming to my dreams… guiding me. after 20 yrs, i realized, joseph was leading me to St Joseph to help me pray for that right man… and perhaps i would be happier the 2nd time around. because of this dear St Joseph, i humbly come to you in full faith that through your intercession, i would be finally be blessed with the right man.

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