Praying for the Love of My Life

by William (Georgia, USA)

Precious Heavenly Father, I know YOU are in control. I know YOU love both of us. My prayer is for Martha Ann to return to me and She and I live happily together. I have learned to love this lady over the 10 months that I have known her, I cherish her humor, smile, laugh, voice and touch. I am just a human and can not persuade her to return. I pray you would speak to her heart and mind and have her to reconsider, to return to me. I love this lady and miss her very much. Speak to Her. Move Her. I want to take care of Martha Ann and make her happy. I do not know what her problem is but, I do know YOU Father can help Her in in Her Life.

Please Heavenly Father, Speak To Her and Help Her See That I Do Love and Care For Her

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