Praying for the Healing of My Broken Relationship

by Vij (London)

Lord it has been 3 months since my fiance D broke up with me. To this day I do not know how he could walked away from me after 15 years and still no signs from him. He used to care so much for me, even when we weren’t talking in the past he’d still call to see how I was.

But today I find myself alone and lost. I have tried every prayer, I have made sure that my faith remain strong despite everything. I am still waiting for a call from him, a reconciliation, please help me God. At first I wanted to forget him and thought if its not meant to be so be it but my heart won’t let me.

Seeing him with another makes my heart ache. How could he have forgotten a 15 year relationship so quickly. To this day I cannot understand why he broke it off when we were starting our future together.

Lord please help me for only you can make miracles. Please make him come back to me as a more supportive, understanding, respectful, sincere, loving , faithful partner.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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