Praying for support to acheive my ambition

by CL (England)

I have had barriers preventing me from achieving my ambitions since I was a young girl. When I was reaching my 40th birthday and my children were more grown up I finally found that the time was right for me to work towards my chosen career, however I was told I was too old to apply as I’d missed the deadline as the cut of age was 39 years. I was devastated and prayed to St.Jude and St.Anthony for support; I was soon informed that if I applied and fast tracked and passed all the stages of the application within a couple of weeks I’d be fine. I passed and now I’m on my way to achieving my lifelong ambition.

I’ve prayed to St.Jude before and have never been let down and always advise others to pray to him in a time of need.
I’ll donate money to a charity as promised and will always be grateful !!

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