Praying for Strength

by Ellie (Tewksbury, MA, USA)

I am facing extreme financial difficulties. My husband has been unable to secure a full time job so the burden falls soley on me to provide for us and our 3 year old daughter. Our home may be facing foreclosure and several bills have fallen behind.

My daughter starts school this September. My dream was to send her to Catholic school, as I did, but I am unable to afford the tuition at this time. Please pray for me and my family. Pray that the Lord Jesus Christ gives me the strength and preserves my sanity to make good judgements for my family.

He will guide me through this dark time. Sometimes I feel that I am alone in this world. I have few friends because I work so much and am unable to foster those friendships and my relationship with my husband is strained. I wonder if anyone is praying for me. It is a horrible feeling. I pray that the good Lord fills me with light again.
Thank you all for your prayers.

Many blessings

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