Praying for strength, guidance, peace and love for family

by Michelle (USA)

Dear Lord,

I come to you humble. I thank you for all you do and going to do. I know you know my heart. I know you hold my future and I want to walk in your way I need direction, guidance and strength. Need Pray for my Dad who suffers from dimentia and who is very hard to deal with right now. Praying for my Step mom who has been taking care of him and is getting very tried of the abuse. I thank my step mom for all she has done for my dad and will continue to do. But I do understand her pain. My girls are good girls but I pray for there direction and growing up and making right choices. Lord I love all my family and want us to be kind and loving and supportive to each other and others. Sometime the struggle can be tough, but I know we all have a purpose and need to do the right things and walk in your way. I pray for all my church family, co workers, friends and family the sick and shut in and also the lost souls of the world. Let your will be done. I pray and I thank you in advance. Amen

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