Praying for Strength, Faith and a Miracle from God

by Beth (Illinois)

Lord, please hear my prayer. I have been separated from my the love of my life for almost five weeks. I have not seen him in five weeks and have not heard from him in three. We ended our relationship after weeks of fighting and mistrust. Neither of us have been perfect in our relationship but we were committed to one another and were planning a future together. Harsh and cruel words were exchanged, lies were exposed and we continually tested one another’s faith.

I am deeply saddened by this loss as he was my life. Now that he’s gone I feel his absence greatly and constantly. I regret my part in our ending and want another chance to work things out with him. To begin a different relationship that would be based on trust, respect, truth and love.

I have forgiven him for the mistakes he made and pray for his forgiveness as well. As more time passes I am afraid that I will never hear from him again.

Please let him remember our love and the future we were planning together. I pray that he contacts me and gives us another chance. My life and heart feel empty without him.

Lord I know you can make the impossible possible and that you hear the prayers of those who truly need your help and assistance.

Please grant me strength as I wait for his return and allow me to have faith that there will be a miracle and I will hear from him.


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