Praying for strength and healthy relationship.

by Sadmom (UAE)

Our dearest Almighty Heavenly Father,

Today i lift everything up on You.
I submit each pain and worries surging inside.
Please help me gain my confidence & boost my self-esteem once again.
Touch my heart and give me strength.
May i feel respected as a mother
and be appreciated as a wife.
Forgive me for my flaws as both my child & partner may be sensitive enough to understand that i will never be perfect no matter how much i’ve given my best. May they find it in their hearts to appreciate my personal sacrifices too, to stay-at-home doesn’t mean i should be treated like an unpaid slave. Not because i stopped wearing corporate suits & high heels, i am no longer useful nor beautiful, feeling disrespected in slippers & plain shirts. I gave up my job not because i was told but for the simple reason that i chose to become a mom. Heal me, oh God, please. Take away this burning emotions of rejection & depression. May you grant our hearts desires as well, with financial stability, there will be many more we can share our blessings thus being busy helping others would make me feel whole again rather than sulking in the dark very very very much alone and totally empty (—-~). However, please continue to keep us all healthy too, heal us with our hurts & aches, shield us always with Your energy and embrace us with the warmth of Your undying love. Thank You for healing us as i believe this too shall pass. Amen.

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