Praying for spiritual deliverance for My Son and Myself

by Mathilda (Seychelles)

Dear Lord, I come to you humbly to pray, to ask You to deliver and protect my son and myself from the hands of the enemy, Lord please protect our home, life etc from the evil spirit that is haunted my life and my son, I come to you Lord to plead my situation, to cast away any generational curses that are bind to my life and my son Lord, deliver us from the darkness. Heal my body Lord, cleanse me and my son, wash me and my son with Your precious blood Lord Jesus, remove all the dirt, darkness the enemy have done with our skin, restore our health, our mind, body with your faithful, spiritual word, help us to know you and to use word to destroy the work of the enemy.

Thank you Father for everything you have done, every you are doing and every that you are going to do. I pray that my prayer will be heard and that my son will receive the divine deliverance and myself from our Lord Jesus, that we have peaceful, spiritual, happy life with you in our life and in everything that we do Lord Jesus.


In the Mighty name of our Lord Jesus. AMEN