Praying for Salvation

by Yelle (Philippines)

I am a single parent who needs a prayer for my children. Youngest child and my only son that he will stay away from vices and his top priority in life is to finish his college degree to graduate on March 2014. No more failing subject this semester and be a devoted catholic as well as to be an obedience son. My middle child and my youngest daughter who is a working student will graduate on march 2013 and will be successful in her career and to be regular in her present job as well as a director on her sideline job. My eldest daughter will find a husband who is a degree holder same as her that will marry and love her for the rest of her life. My eldest daughter has a congenital defect of spina bifida meningocele and a non-healing wound for 32 years. And also pray that she will be promoted as manager on her present job and her year end performance rating of 3 and a performance bonus of 30000 pesos before the year end this 2012 because her paper is being review by the VP of the company and she has been working there for more than seven years.. Please pray for me that I will have more customers in my tutorial center and it will be a successful business. I have a charitable feeding for a poor children below seven years old. Please pray for me that i will always have extra money for this mission in life. I also preach the word of God. Please pray for this because I want to preach and heal to a thousand of thousand of people. Thank you.