Praying for physical and emotional healing

by Sascha (NY)

Dear Lord, thank you so much for coming into my life. You have made life worth living and enjoying. Before i knew you, my life was empty, meaningless and a series of things to be done. You have renewed in me a sense of purpose and have surrounded me with wonderful people.

In your holy name I pray for healing of my skin disorder which has plagued me for 16 years. I have faith that my healing has begun and I ask for the strength to stay the course. May you bless and direct the hands and the medicine of Dr Chan and Dr Osei-Tutu as they treat me. So many things have been tried and failed but I know that the difference between then and now is that I wasn’t a believer. Please allow me to grow spiritually through this trial and to be an inspiration to others. Also, i ask for emotional healing. My mindset for the longest time has been negative and I ask you to change that for the better. Rid me of the demonic forces that seek to tear me down and depress me to the point of thinking of suicide as an option.

Also, please bring healing unto my loved ones who are struggling.

Thank you Lord.

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