Praying for Peace of mind, direct my path, direct my words

by EH (Atlanta)

Father God, I know I have failed You multiple times. I come to you today asking for your help. Lord, please make me strong in areas where I am weak. Lord, direct my path, direct my words and direct my mind this day. Help me to order my thoughts and find peace in knowing that You are God.

Lord, I ask that you forgive me of each and every sin I have committed against You. Please forgive me for every bad seed I sow through actions and thoughts that do not please You.

I thank You for your continual grace and mercy. I thank You for your forgiveness. Lord, I thank you for the blood of Jesus that covers me and my sin.

Lord, I praise You for being God. I praise You for hearing my prayers. I thank You in advance for working all things out for my good.

May Your name be exhaulted on high forever.


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