Praying for our 1st Home Purchase

by Joe (Miami, FL)

Oh dear brothers & sisters of the PrayWithMe community. My husband & I are endeavoring to purchase our first home. We have two children and we are hopeful that Our Lord’s will coincides with our dream of homeownership for our family.

We have found a lovely home that fits everything on our list & the kids like it as well. With the children giving their thumbs up now…we would like to ask you to pray for us that our realtor will work diligently on our behalf, our preapproval comes swiftly, we will have a good rate/final lock-in, our offer accepted, find a sound home in good condition through our inspection, a fair price supported through our appraisal,and have a smooth loan process/closing. We also pray for a good channel of negotiation & communication for any issues between ourselves & seller(s) to be resolved amicably, justly, & swiftly. We know all good things come from & through Our Lord Jesus Christ, we trust in Him. What God has for us, is for us. We ask for the intercession of St.Joseph & the good people on this site to send our petitions forward for this particular home or whatever home The Lord knows is best for us. Amen.

Thank you & God bless you!

Joe & family in Miami, FL

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