Praying for my soulmate, future husband, everlasting love

by Jade (Georgia)

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for abundance of daily blessings. I pray to you now with sincerest hopes of bringing in my love of my life. If he is already in my life, thank you for bringing him in my life. I long for someone who is not ashamed of you and is a testimate of your blessings. I seek love that is everlasting, strong, nurturing and unbreakable.

I seek a man that will be a fantastic husband and role model for all your children. I seek a man that will always support and encourage me in all walks of life. Please let him be a wonderful father, honest businessman, and an impressionable man. Let us be a team, partners in every endeavor. Let us raise children that will be fine products, good people, examples. I do have someone in mind already.

He was unexpected but I believe that his heart is kind, he is genuine and he can be what I seek, what I need. Hoping that I can share my testimony when he enters my life. Letting others know to hold on, if they believe in your moves they too can have their everlasting happiness.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen!