Praying for My Love to Return

by Tavia (USA)

Dear heavenly father, I pray you return my love to me. I pray all the challenges we face bring us closer together, not further apart. I pray that we can be amazing parents and have a stable loving environment for our son. Lord I pray you protect us against evil, and keep all darkness from us. I pray you fill us with your light, and much love for eachother. Dear lord, all seems dark and empty, please take the hurt out of our hearts. Show us each others worth, and bring us back together as one, stronger than we have ever been. I pray we can make it and spend the rest of our lives with eachother. Please almighty God, make this feeling mutual for both of us. Show us how to love, respect,and care for one another. Help us cherish every moment we spend together and guide us on your path. Help us be good role models and wonderful parents. I know all is good that is god, and with god all is good. I pray you bless us with a long happy life together, thank you heavenly father for hearing my prayer and thank you for my son.i love you lord, amen.

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