Praying for my kids, kids and siblings & their kids

by Help The Hoop'sjordanscox ()

Oh God and all saints I come asking for your miraculous support. I pray that you keep your eyes and arms around my G-kids lalia ,Lillie and Malcolm.

I feel that my daughter is playing with a life for money. Also, I pray that lirpa and laila get their eating disorder in check for the better. If it’s Gods will, please let the j’s move to a better city. I pray and thank you St Joseph for your continued support. I pray that the buyers for my mother’s home will treat it with love like she did. Please God renew my son kidneys as well as my husbands knee.

Watch over justintime St Therese and send him a God loving girl friend. I pray that he’s able to fly home next week. Also, St Joseph please continue watching over 752 and keep the evil away. Please let taxes go well for the Hoop’s 5. Lirpa is such a hard worker, I pray that God will send a better job to her and take some of her stress away. She’s such a beautiful person and has let obesity take control. Amen

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