Praying for my husband to love me again

by Mika (Philadelphia)

Please help me, show me the way to get my husband to understand how bad he has hurt me. We met in high school at the age of 14, through the years we have been through so much at age 19 we got pregnant and we got married at City Hall and the love was still there. after 10 years I started feeling alone he was ignoring me and the romance left. I knew he was cheating on me but I couldn’t prove it so I had an affair too.

I broke it off but he left me for the woman he was cheating on me with. I couldn’t eat, sleep, I kept calling out from work he was with this woman from October to may but in feb he told me he loved me and was sorry but then changed his mind and went back to her so I was so hurt I cut him out my life and I didn’t date anyone because we were still married so that fall he came to me sorry and we gave it another chance this was 4 years ago. Since then we had another baby and I thought she would keep us closer especially since I had complications with having her.

It was the grace of GOD that my baby is pulling through. Since then I have dedicated everything to my marriage but lately he has been so cold and mean towards me. We be doing so good then he does something to hurt me and when I speak on it he gets angry. Please help me to heal and please show my husband your love and how to pray. Please stop him from doing these wrong things. I know someone is distracting him from me I know he is doing something wrong. Please stop him and make him realize what he has. 16 years and hes about to throw me away like trash. Please Lord turn him back to the guy I first met that loved me so much. we have so many memories it hurts to think he doesn’t love me anymore. our anniversary is in two weeks and I’m so scared that its not gonna happen. Please turn his heart back to good and make him give up these sins against our marriage. Please help him to realize facebook and these women are not more important than me and that it hurts me

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