praying for my husband to come home

by Brenda (Tennessee)

Heavenly Father, forgive my sins, Bless me in the journey to save my marriage. My husband lies to me and the woman he is living with. He has grown a heart of stone. He introduced this woman to his brother and their kids, his dad and his friends as his girlfriend. They are supposed to get married. He tells me he doesn’t want a divorce. Yet he’s sleeping with her, spending vacations with her and her family. I pray you will intervene and open their eyes to this sin they are committing. Make them ashamed. Give me strength, i am in physical as well as mental pain. I am tired Lord, i want to go to Heaven be free from pain

We have been together 22 years . Give me resources to get out . Or give my husband a heart of flesh . In some way guide me and let me know the direction in which to proceed. >in the name of Jesus Amen