Praying for my family

by Debbie ()

Dearest Father in Heaven, tonight I come to you for two requests. Please Holy Father bless my unborn grandson and all my grandchildren that they will have the blessing of growing up to live long happy and healthy lives. Please have the ultrasound that will be done later this month show no abnormalities whatsoever and let him have a full term birth and be perfectly healthy. This I come to you asking you, God, in the most Holy name of your Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Amen. The next request is more of a material nature Father, in that I ask you to intercede on our family’s behalf and help the letters I have written come to fruition. Please open the eyes and heart of the individual I have indeed asked for a miracle from so that there will be gifts under our Christmas tree this year for our entire family. We are coming to you Lord asking that you will provide for my whole family that we will be able to have gifts under our tree for everyone who l8ives in our household and I know and trust, that with your help and providence, that this Christmas will be a Christmas like no other now that our children have grown and it is harder to be able to afford anything that they could want. Please God, understand that I am not asking out if greed but out of love for my family and knowing that I will not be able to provide a Merry Christmas for them, I ask you in all your mercy to provide our family a miracle and let us all enjoy this years Christmas as we celebrate the birth of our truest gift, your Son and our Saviour Jesus Christ. This I humbly ask you to provide for my family in Jesus’ most Holy Name and in the name of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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