Praying for my daughter to pass her 5th grade year at St. John

by MVP (LA)

I am praying for my daughter, she is struggling in the 5th grade. We have tried holding her back, sylvan learning center, and extra help. She still has an underlying LD(learning disability) that can’t truly be diagnosed. But with her being at a catholic school there is only so much that can be done to help her and believe me they have gone way and beyond and I am very appreciative of that, one of the main reasons we want to stay there. For the next 9 weeks she must pull up her grades to at least C’s mainly in Math and Science. Her teachers say she tries so hard, but the results are just there, esp. when it comes to testing. I am praying that God and St Jude will wrap their arms around her and guide her in the right direction. Give her the strength, wisdom and knowledge to do well in her studies, testing and classes. Please remove her anexity and stress from her. Praying that one day she can overcome her LD and carry on like her peers-carefree and stressfree. AMEN

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  1. responding to GOD WILL ANSWER YOUR PRAYERS NEW by: Anonymous

    Thank you so much and my pleasure to pray for you also. I pray that you start feeling better and get well and also pray for you to have peace, serenely , and strong faith in GOD during our hard times. – God is Great. Have a blessed day. AMEN


    God has a special place in HIs heart for us, especially for little children. He will not have given you a difficult journey if He knew you could not overcome it.

    Continue to pray to St Jude NOVENA prayer for 9 days and Pray serenity to keep you at ease.

    Our loving forgiving Father is always busy, but ALWAYS answers our prayers. Keep your faith and strong love for HIM and let him do the rest.


    Ps i can totally relate to this because I am always stressed out with school because I am missing classes due to my sickness (tonsilsit) . If you can please pray for me that I too have peace, serenely , and strong faith in GOD during our hard times.

  3. God Bless

    I am touched by your prayer for your daughter. Working in the world of disabilities for over 30 years I can tell you that with the right diagnosis your daughter can be very successful.

    The right professional can diagnosis her and that’s over half the battle. Finding a school that has Special Education supports so she can get on a Individual Education Plan or IEP is essential. Not everyone learns the same way, many of us need accomodations to be successful.

    Please continue to pray, but please put these supports in place for her, so her learning disability won’t begin to affect her self-esteem.

    God Bless your little daughter and your family.

  4. Blessing for you daughter

    I pray that Jesus which lives in her give her the guidance and wisdom she needs to excel in all her classes. Her disability she will overcome and become a new person. Amen.

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