Praying for my daughter and her family

by Carolyn (Carthage, Ms United States)

Lord I ask as humble as I know how to pray for strength for my daughter, her husband and my three grandchildren. My son-n-law has lost his mother and he need help with his grief. My daughter has been diagnosed with bi-polar and has not been in an episode in a few years. and I am afraid with the death of her mother-n-law and her husband not handling it well I am afraid that it may cause her to go in a manic episode. I am asking that u cover them with the blood of Jesus. Let them love, trust in ur holy word, Let them get on one accord. Let them to be able to sleep, be kind to one another. Let their boys get seep and calm their little nerves. Let them have increased faith. Give them contentment, peace, joy that can only come through you dear Lord. I am asking for ur grace and mercy on this family. Strengthen me Lord that I may be a source of help for them dear Lord. I ask this ur precious name.

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