Praying for mortgage loan approval

by Felicia (Michigan)

Lord I come to you with a heavy heart. I know I haven’t been as faithful as I should be in prayer but I’m asking for a loan approval for a mortgage. We found the perfect home for our family. We worked really hard to get credit scores up, to get money for down payment. My husband has been working 2jobs. We got pre qualified, we got a home inspection, we got a home appraisal and now the underwriters are stalled. We are so close, the closing date is supposed to be October 23 or 24th. We have done all that we can do on our part. Lord I know you can make a way out of know way, you can do what others can’t do. Father God I give you all the honor, all the glory and all the praise. Thank you for favor. Lord I’m thanking you in advance for this mortgage loan and a new start for our family. In Jesus name I pray Amen.