Praying for me My Two children my grandbabies and my brother and my finance in Jesus name amen amen

by Willa (Charlotte Nc)

I want to thank you so much dear Lord Jesus for all your blessings that come my way glory be to God Amen hallelujah thank you Father God I am so thankful and grateful father God please pray for me and my two children my grandbaby and my brother and my finance I want to say a prayer for my brother a special prayer he’s fighting cancer he have a tumor in his stomach he have award in his rent in area the doctor say nothing else they can do as far as Medica treat him but I’m praying for America dear Lord Jesus please heal my brother James please save him doctor Jesus please heal his body please bless him to be a cancer survivor please remove that tumor in his stomach and no more words in the mighty name of Jesus I pray amen amen amen amen

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