Praying for marriage proposal

by Meg Ale (Gold Coast Queensland Australia)

Thank you Holy Mother Mary, please bless me with my desire to be my partner of six years to propose to marry me. We love each other wholeheartedly. It is the perfect time my partner seeks my hands for marriage. I long to be my partner’s official wife.

I long to live under the same roof with my partner whom I have always loved wholeheartedly. Please bring us together with our combined five children under the same roof with happiness and your mighty protection. Please help my partner moves on from past fears and insecurity and accept the greatness that our present life has to offer and open his heart to propose to me as his beloved partner of six years.

Please make my partner understands that being as a controller in relationship is not healthy. Please guide us the best way for effective communication and how to appreciate our presence in each other’s life. Please help me with this desire to be his wife.

I thank you so much Mother Mary who provides love and family wishes to all that longing for family including me. Thank you greatly. Amen