Praying for Love and Grace

by Jon (Los Angeles)

I have been seeing this girl for a few months now, and have absolutely fallen in love with her. I have never felt this way about anybody before in my entire life. I treat her with respect and integrity, and treat her very well.

However, she admits that it takes a long time for her to commit to someone, and that she is not very open or affectionate. The lack of commitment to me is causing me great emotional pain.

I pray that she “LR” love me back. That she open her heart and trust me and let me in, that she feels as though she truly knows me.

That she see me the way I see her. I pray for patience on my part. But I honestly believe she is the one for me – I am just so afraid of being hurt. Please pray that she commits to being with me, that she trust me, that she becomes more open and affectionate.

Please pray that she love me back. I can’t stand the thought of her leaving me, or not being with her. Please pray for our love for one another and for our relationship to grow.