Praying for identical twin boys in my third trimester

by Love00025 (UK)

Heavenly Father, I deeply thank you for blessing me with your wonderful gifts for me to love, hold and nature. Father thank you for a healthy pregnancy so far. Dear Lord, you know from the time I was a little girl it has been my humble request to bear your fruit of twins.

Father I know you hear our prayers and with a sincere heart I come before you humbly asking that you grant me the blessing of carrying identical healthy twin lovely boys. I know nothing is either too early or too late for you. How marvellous are your works Lord. I have faith that you shall grant me these lovely treasures and help me bring them up safely to this world. That with the help of the Holy Spirit, we will bring them up to serve you in all their ways all the long days of their lives.

Thank you for the blessing and miracle in my life of these lovely twin boys. In Jesus’s name I pray. AMEN.