Praying For Healing & Restoration of Me & Trent

by Ashley (Hammond, IN)

First, I would like to thank u Father for allowing me to wake up and see another day. Thank u for always loving me. I pray for a continued loving & everlasting relationship with u Lord. I don’t know where or what I would be without u. Thank u. Next, I have an unspoken prayer request. I talk to u about this daily Lord so u already know what it is.

I pray, beg, and ask that u give me favor with that situation. Thank you. Last but not least, I offer you this prayer regarding me & Trent’s relationship. I pray for u to restore me & Trent’s troubled relationship Lord. Things have been so rocky & I’m praying for things to get better. Lord, we both have made our share of mistakes. No one is perfect but Father, I pray that u take away any anger, hurt and pain that I may have caused & replace those feelings with nothing but love, joy, patience, peace, forgiveness & understanding for me Lord.

I pray that u heal both of our hearts from each other’s wrongdoings. Make our complicated situation become uncomplicated. Touch Trent’s heart for me in a way that I can’t Lord.
I pray that u give Trent the courage, strength, & wisdom to cultivate reconciliation Lord. Please Lord, we can’t get thru this without u. WE need u Lord. I pray that u restore our relationship with u as our core Father. Praying for your restoration Lord. In the name of Jesus I pray, AMEN””””

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