Praying for Healing of My relationship

by Joel (Richmond, VA, USA)

Please lord allow my relationship to become strong once more. Allow me to forgive the mistakes and move on, allow her to do so as well. I love her more than life and want to spend the rest of my life together with her.

Please help us find piece in at this trying time and be happy together. Allow our families to find a way to except our choice to be together and let all come together as family.

I am not good at prayer as I was not raised in such a way. I believe in Christ and seek him out more than ever I need his strength and power to get me through. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer and I will leave this in your hands In Jesus name amen

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  1. Prayer for the restoration of our marriage

    Saint Jude Please intercede in my marriage. We have both behaved poorly the past 7 months and ended our relationship. There was so much love between us. We have been married 7 years. Please help us forgive one another and heal the hurt that we have both endured. Please let my husband communicate with me, and want to work on saving our marriage. If it is God’s will let us be reunited soon, for tomorrow is not promised. Thank you Saint Jude for all prayers answered.

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