Praying for healing in my relationship

Dear Lord,

Yesterday my relationship and our love and faith in each other was challenged by a bad judgement call by me. Now I have upset my partner and he will not talk to me. Lately our bond has been getting stronger and our bond is something I have been praying hard for in the past week. This is a time when I need your healing hand to be placed on the wounded bond, Lord.

I need you to touch my partner’s heart so that he can forgive me and know that I am sorry. I ask that he understands that it was not intentional and that he does not see me as less of a person. May you fill our hearts with love and adoration for each other.

May you enable us to always forgive each other in troubled times. May he no longer see the need to ignore, and to find it in his heart to break down the emotional walls he has built to keep me out. You, dear Lord, are wonderful and merciful God and through you anything is possible. I ask this of you father God in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen