Praying for healing for my love who tested positive for Hep B

Father, please hear my prayer. I give you thanks and praise first lord for everything you have done for me and brought me through. My affliction dealing with cancer has brought me so much closer to you lord and I know nothing is possible without you.

I thank you so much for my 100% healing lord. Now I come to you father, crying out to you lord please purify my boyfriends blood lord, I am praying for complete healing with this retest lord. I am praying his immune system becomes stimulated lord and fights this infection and he receives 100% healing. Through this diagnosis I am so grateful that he has come to you lord, the devil is strong but when we are faced with these things we run to you lord with open arms and know that your are our healer, and our protector.

I know you are working big in our lives right now and we haven’t been living right or for you, but we are ready lord to take that step and do things the right way in your name. Please come into our home and heal and protect us and our children lord. I am so ready lord, my heart is broken but I have full faith in you, that whatever thy will be done, that you have all of our best interest. I know you love us father as we love you.

Also I want to pray for everyone else on this site, please hear theirs prayers father, open their hearts, come into their hearts and minds and provide them comfort lord, and peace in knowing also that you died on the cross for us lord and you will never leave us.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, I could never say if enough times!