Praying for guidance with my son and a Blessing

by Robdob (Natchez, MS Usa)


Giving honor to you,you are the head of my life. I thank you Lord for every breath That I inhale and exhale, my limbs are movable, I’m able to walk, talk, see, my organs are working, God I thank you for being on this side. All praises are to you, when I woke up this morning my family circle hadn’t been broken and yes thank you Lord. My son was born Autistic, he is now 21 and have no friends and he don’t talk much. He wants to kill himself God bless him when I am weak be there for us. Touch him Lord I talks to him and he smiles, his only friend is his dad. Bless him and bless my family. Pray for me we need blessings, I cry so much when he tries to cut himself or pull the rifle on self, he try to hangs self he do so much it’s a lot.

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